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Here at Complete Laser & Esthetics, one of the services we offer is called: Silhouet-Tone VascuLyse 2G (Thermocoagulation) +

You’re asking us, what in the what?

Well here’s the down-low.

VascuLyse is what you’d call, a innovation in recent electronics of the beauty industry.

How does it work?

It produces a vibration of water molecules in the tissue. It attracts and repels charged particles in the tissues creating thermo-coagulation (clotting blood in the capillaries) This makes it easy to remove the lesions. Blemishes disappear as the vessels generate heat.

In short, it is a treatment that removes skin irregularities permanently within 1 to 3 treatments within only 5 to 15 minutes.

There may be a small scab after the treatment but is temporary and is relativity painless.

Is it safe?

The disposable, sterile stylus tips are used only once, insuring your complete safety. The treatment is performed by professionally certified technicians. Skin reaction after the treatment is minimal and disappears after a few days. A consultation is performed before treatment going over what to expect post treatment.

Skin irregularities:


Broken Capillaries

Ruby Points

Skin Tags


Cholesterol Deposits


Certain forms of pigmentation

Seborrheic Keratoses

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