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January 19, 2021 2:08 pm Published by
Omg ladies and gents, this place has become my own personal skin care Mecca! I have very light, sensitive skin with freckles and I never treated it as I should. I’m the person who never wears a hat and forgets about sunscreen on the regular.

I live a very crazy life and love the outdoors…. great for the soul, terrible for the skin! In my late 20s I started getting acne and by 32 I had a frown wrinkle that was only getting deeper! Fast forward 2 more years and a few chemical peels later and I was in the same place but time was going by faster! In steps the amazing Amanda and her team, one quick and relatively painless micro-needling treatment and my dang wtf-line is GONE. My acne has mostly cleared even a month later and my skin glows! I always assumed that glowing skin is just sweat or makeup but friends…. I literally wake up this way now! Can’t wait until my next treatment! Be aware, it’s an addiction and not just for the celebrities! Ohh and pretty much no downtime! No makeup or anything in your skin the first 48, then my skin peeled for a day(not a usual occurance but I’m special like that 😂) and now it actually looks like I’ve taken care of my skin for the last 34 years!
Rating this a must have!!

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