What is the difference between Medical Grade Lasers and IPL’s?

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One of the things we are proud to offer here at Complete Laser & Esthetics is a Candela YAG Laser. Why? As we explained in the post: Why Laser Hair Removal is the best option for you (and the planet)

The YAG laser is THE Gold Star Standard for Laser Hair Removal with the longest wavelength at 1064nm.

The recovery time is minimal and doesn’t interfere with dermal fillers. The YAG laser is considered to be the best option for laser hair removal for all skin and hair types, including those with darker skin tones.

YAG has a patented Dynamic Cooling Device. This fires a quick burst of liquid cryogen before and after every laser pulse to minimize discomfort.

In short, in our opinion the YAG is the best option for Laser Hair Removal.

But what is an IPL and why do so many clinics use them?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This technology is used to perform various skin treatments including hair removal, photorejuvination and alleviation of dermatological diseases.

Both the YAG and IPL use light to heat the follicle and prevent regrowth. The technology is different because of the light each uses. As shown in the photo above, the laser has a more direct beam as the IPL produces a more wide wavelength of light. The YAG goes deeper into the pores of the skin, getting closer to the hair follicle. The results are more long term and effective

That doesn’t mean IPL’s are useless. One great use for them is skin regeneration and boosting collagen production.


Do your research! Be careful though, the internet may be misleading and make sure that the people you ask for advice aren’t just giving you the information that makes them money and not what is true or works best for you. There are a lot of options.

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